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The objective of this initiative is to become a collaborator of the control work of the Comptroller General of the Republic.


What is a complaint?

It is a statement, in which the citizen makes known to the CGR specific information of one or more specific facts, related to an irregular situation, committed by an official or service subject to the control of the CGR, with the objective that Investigate and determine the veracity of the above and the responsibilities that may arise from it.
Your suggestions and complaints should be focused on the acts of the State Administration, which is supervised by this Institution. Are included:

  • Decentralized public services (Health, Housing and Urbanism, State Universities, Internal Taxes, Social Security, FONASA, SENCE, JUNAEB, JUNJI, among others)
  • All municipalities in the country
  • Public companies created by law (ENAP, ENAMI, FAMAE, ENAER, ASMAR, Empresas Portuarias, among others)
  • Companies, companies or public and private entities in which the State or its centralized or decentralized companies, companies or institutions have capital contributions (Metro, SERCOTEC, CONAF, among others).


The Comptroller's Office does not audit:

  • Legislative power.
  • Power of attorney.
  • Central bank.
  • Public ministry.
  • Commercial entities such as multi-stores, banks, telephone companies, electricity companies, private clinics, ISAPRES, AFP, among others.


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